Kavla Caves

Kavla Caves are naturally evolved limestone caves located at a distance of 25 kms from Dandeli. Kavala Caves are situated on the face of a mountain in the heart of the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. The caves are acknowledged as the sacred abode of a naturally formed Shiva Lingam, which is believed to be in existence since the prehistoric times. To catch a glimpse of the Shiva Lingam one has to climb down about 375 steps and then crawl down through 40 ft. of deep curvy confined tunnels.

Kulgi Nature Camp

Kulgi Nature Camp is a must visit place if you are a nature lover and want to get up with jungle birds chirping next to your window, where the sunrays peep through the dense forest leaves and wake you up gently every morning. The Kulgi nature camp is situated in Kulgi which just 12 kms from Dandeli city. As it is nestled in the vicinity of the pristine dense forest of Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, thus this place is famous as Dandeli jungle safari in the sanctuary, jungle trekking and bird watching in the Dandeli forest. If you are a nature enthusiast, and want to explore the unexplored paths of wildlife and their ecosystem, then Dandeli jungle safari is something you should not miss. Tigers, elephants, black panthers, wild pigs, sloth bear, Indian Pangolin and almost 200 species of birds are a few of the fascinating animals and birds that you can see here.

Sathodi Falls

Sathodi Falls is a mesmerizing waterfall situated near Kallaramarane Ghat, 78 kms from Dandeli. This captivating waterfall is formed by the confluence of several streams and cascades into a 15 meter picturesque Sathodi falls. The extended part of the falls further merge with the backwaters of the Kodasalli Dam, which is made over the famous Kali River. The view is spectacular because of its raw natural beauty. This fall is fostered through various small tributaries that keep the falls nourished with water all year round, even in summer. To enjoy the lushness of the waterfall and the surrounding natural beauty, one must visit during the late monsoon or after the pre-monsoon downpour as this is the best time to experience it in its full bloom.

Skyes Point

Skyes Point Dandeli is the top most viewpoint and is 23 km away from Dandeli. From Skyes Point one can enjoy the breathtaking view of deep thick forested hills merging into each other and standing tall to witness the beautiful confluence of the gigantic Kali River and Nagzari River. The whole view from Skyes Point is like a scenery from some painting. Do not miss a chance to visit this place, especially during sunset when hornbills are flying in the coloured sky, with the sun melting down into the river, reflecting its colours back in the water and the birds bidding adieu with a promise to meet again with the sunrise.

Syntheri Rocks

Syntheri Rocks is situated inside the dense forest of the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary in the Western Ghats, which is 28 kms away from Dandeli town. These rocks are gigantic limestone rocks of a height of 300 ft. formed due to volcanic eruptions some millions years ago. Thus, this monolithic granite structured rock has attracted many geologists, archaeologists and tourists since ages. These rocks have been carved into cave and cape like structures due to the strong current of Kaneri River which joins back into the River Kali. Syntheri Rocks is a marvellous work of nature and a must visit place in Dandeli.

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

A complete paradise for wildlife lovers, Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the heart of Dandeli forest covering an area of 834.16 and reputed as the largest sanctuary in Karnataka. The Sanctuary is crowned as the most attractive tourist spot in Karnataka due to its rich varieties of flora and fauna. If you are looking for both an adventure filled vacation and a revitalizing respite amidst the serenity and calmness of nature, then the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is an ultimate place to gratify the craving of dinky thrill, indulge yourself in adventure, and unwrap your inner-self in the lap of nature. A few of the fascinating animals one can see here are tigers, elephants, black panthers, wild pigs, sloth bear, Indian Pangolin, crocodile and almost 200 species of birds. These are just a few from the list, the rest you have to wait for, till you pay a visit to this wildlife sanctuary.

Anshi National Park

Anshi National Park is a part of Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary with an area of 500, which together constitute the Dandeli Wildlife Division, and is an evergreen tropical rainforest. The distinctive appeal of this park is that it is the only haven in Asia, where the Black Panther is found, naturally. It is rich in its flora and fauna naming a few are Bamboo, Teak, Eucalyptus, Silver oak, Lantana and many more. It also provides shelter to carnivorous animals like Leopard, Tigers, Elephants, Bonnet Macaque, Malabar civet, Malabar Giant Squirrel, deer, Indian Bison etc. and also abode of reptiles like King Cobra, Krait, Python, Rat Snake and Viper. This is the best place for bird watchers as it’s a home of almost 200 species of birds to name a few are Adjutant Stork, Ashy Black-crested Crested Serpent Eagle, Great Hornbill, Golden-backed Woodpecker, Bulbul, Blue-headed Pitta, Woodswallow, Brahminy Kite, Broad-billed Roller, Malabar Pied Hornbill and Yellow-footed Green Pigeon.

Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls is one of most exquisite and spectacular falls in India, and amongst the tallest waterfalls in the country with a height of 310 m and at a distance of 34 kms from Dandeli. Dudhsagar falls trek is also organized by many Dandeli resorts, and is a must-go activity. This magnificent flush of snow white water emerges amidst hills, cascades over cliffs, carving out a vertical face for the massive mountain and creates a natural border between Karnataka and Goa. This massive beauty is both breathtaking and inspiring, making us realize how nature can be more imposing and beautiful than any man made work of art.
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